Mid-Ohio Aug 16th

Mid-Ohio Aug 16th

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Single Day Event , 

4 run groups depending on experience (Beginner, novice, intermediate, advance)

20 min session. The first group starts at 9am
12pm-1pm lunch break

Camping is included
Lunch/snacks are included

Contact us if you have any questions.

Each ticket is per Driver - Not per car


$225- Tier 1 price end Jan 1st or First 20 people
$275- Tier 2 prices end Aug 8th
$299- Tier 3 prices end Aug 15th

Registration & run groups:

-6AM Gate opens

- 7:15AM Mandatory Drivers meeting

We will have 4 groups 

-Group 1 (Advance), Group 2 (Intermediate), Group 3 (Novice), Group 4 (Beginner)
-‪8AM‬ Group 2 will hit the track, then group 3, then group 4, then group 1 and so on.
-‪8AM‬ Instruction Session for all people in group 3 and 4 plus anyone interested.
Each session is 20min. 
-12PM-1PMLunch break Lunch & beverages are provided.
-‪4:30PM‬ track closes.

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Level of Experience:


  • This group is for people that are new to OTD/HPDEs
  • You are learning the flags, hand signals, and track etiquette
  • You are new to driving on a road course and are also learning how to navigate the track.
  • You are primarily focused on your driving and performance.
  • You are learning to expand your focus to the Corner Marshals
  • You are reliant on Corner Marshals to let you know someone wants to pass.


  • Some experience - you have successfully completed 2-3 track days either here or at other tracks.
  • You are familiar with all of the flags and hand signals.
  • You are comfortable at speed on the track but still working on your line
  • You are gaining experience and  comfort with passing on long straights.
  • Your focus is expanding to include drivers behind you
  • You are less reliant on Corner Marshals letting you know someone wants to pass
  • You know what an "Apex" is.


  • You have multiple track days here or at other tracks
  • You know the flags and hand signals well enough to give a speech on them
  • You have experienced the limits of traction, and have some experience how to resume control
  • You are highly aware of all driver and Corner Marshal activity around you
  • You are genuinely surprised if a Corner Marshal has indicated a driver wants to pass and you were not aware of it.
  • You are learning how to execute passes on low speed turns.


  • You measure your OTD/HPDE experience by "Seasons"
  • You are comfortable passing/being passed at any point on this track
  • You are embarrassed if a Corner Marshal shows you a passing flag and you didn't already have the passing zone picked out
  • You are capable of teaching flags and hand signals to a small group of people that do not speak your language.
  • Tires and brake pads have long ago become a known "expense" that is included in your household budget
  • You share knowledge with novice drivers on how to get started and improve their performance